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Physical interface projects from the HCT lab
1,001,001 Faces
A colour-wheel-like interface built with FaceGen, OpenGL and Tcl/Tk that enables users to navigate in face space.
Face matched!
Local Positioning System
A system designed to compute the positions of moving objects in indoor spaces accurately.
Malleable Surface Interface
An interface that captures whole-hand input through a malleable surface medium can be used to perform operations involving deformations which would otherwise be difficult with hard surfaces.
Malleable Surface Interface
Multiple Laser Pointers Interaction
Using laser pointers as input devices in large display environment.
Social Navigation and Folksonomies
Social Navigation and Folksonomies: An Analysis of Social Strategies for Semantic Classification in Information Ecologies
The Memory Collage
An explorature of the capturing and presentation of memorable events in the social environment.
Memory Collage
Universal Interface Controller
An interface for communicating sensor data between a interface controller and computer

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