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Projects from the HCT lab
Active Projects
ArtiSynth ACTIVE
A software toolkit for 3D modeling and simulation of biomechanical systems.
artisynth logo
A framework for distributed and modular processing.
A system for capture and display of context aware multi-stream video.
Dynamic Modeling of the Oral, Pharyngeal, and Laryngeal Complex for Biomedical Applications.
jaw Picture
A developer-friendly interface to computer vision.
Parametric Human ACTIVE
Advanced parametric, multi-scale biomechanical simulation models.
A personal cubic 3D display
pCubee Thumbnail
Personal Territories on Public Displays ACTIVE
Large displays are often used to display public information. This project aims to rectify the awkward collaborative dynamics that occur when interacting with personal information on large public displays.
Tabletop users
Swallowing ACTIVE
Modelling the complicated interactions involved in swallowing.
Visual Voice ACTIVE
Gestural Control of DIgital Ventriloquized Actors
visual voice logo

Archived Projects
1,001,001 Faces
A colour-wheel-like interface built with FaceGen, OpenGL and Tcl/Tk that enables users to navigate in face space.
Face matched!
2D Articulatory Vocal Tract Model for Artisynth
This project implements a 2D Vocal Tract model for Artisynth.
A Graphic for the Page
Caressing sound and image
A project to explore the semantics of touch and caress using a new multipoint touch developed by Tactex Controls.
Cellphone Objects in jMax
Exploring the use of cellular phones as objects in a signal-processing programming language.
Collaboration with Large Displays
Exploring how large upright and horizontal (tabletop) displays can be used to support collaborative activity in meeting and office room contexts.
Integrating tabletop displays and large upright displays
Cubee is an reactive cubic 3D display
Cubee Thumbnail
An installation piece exploring collaborative interaction with a soundscape, inviting participants to engage in peaceful play with Beluga whales at the Vancouver Aquarium.
Expression of Evolution Through Sound
The Expression of Evolution Through Sound is a jMax based genetic algorithm implementation that creates an audio experience based on evolving a set of frequencies for harmony.
FlowField is an exploration of the semantics of caress and study of the possibilities of multi-touch control
Forklift Ballet
The Forklift Ballet is an homage to the special relationship between humanity and machinity. In the performance forklifts are driven by skilled drivers in a dance celebrating people and their machines.
Forklift Ballet picture
French Surface
A new technique for 3D surface design in computer graphics, inspired by a drafter's French curves.
GloveTalkII is a system that maps hand gestures to speech. It uses an artificial vocal tract model so the mapping between gestures and sound is continuous, just like a musical instrument.
GloveTalkII Graphic
Hand Modeling for Adaptive Interfaces
Developing novel techniques for geometry and prediction of hand models, and adaptive gesture mapping.
The Iamascope is an interactive multimedia artwork. The Iamascope combines computer video, graphics, vision, and audio technology enabling performers to create striking imagery and sound based on interactive kaleidoscope reflections.
Iamascope Graphic
Interactive, Genetically Generated Music (IGGM)
Controlling a genetic algorithm to facilitate textured music compostion.
IGGM picture
KEYed User Interface
Overlaying computer controls of a sequencing program onto a music keyboard.
Local Positioning System
A system designed to compute the positions of moving objects in indoor spaces accurately.
Malleable Surface Interface
An interface that captures whole-hand input through a malleable surface medium can be used to perform operations involving deformations which would otherwise be difficult with hard surfaces.
Malleable Surface Interface
MetaMuse is a system for controlling sound synthesis using the metaphor of water being poured from a watering can and falling like rain onto various surfaces.
Image: MetaMuse in action
Mixing Shadow into Video imagery
Mixing Shadows into Video Imagery. A statistical foreground extraction algorithm.
My Silhouette
Multiple Laser Pointers Interaction
Using laser pointers as input devices in large display environment.
The MUSICtable is a ubiquitous multi-user interface that supports exploration of a digital music collection at a party.
Image: The MUSICtable
Pedal Panner
The pedal panner allows a musician to pan sound with one foot. A two degree of freedom foot pedal with vibro-tactile (haptic) feedback indicates the current position of the sound for effective panning.
PlesioPhone is a series of four interactive artworks that explore the future of human communication throught the medium of the telephone/cellphone.
PlesioPhone Graphic
A monophonic audio synthesizer based around the MOS 6581 sound interface device (SID) IC from the Commodore 64.
Smart TV
-A vision-based system to enable interaction with the TV at home.
SmartTV logo
Social Navigation and Folksonomies
Social Navigation and Folksonomies: An Analysis of Social Strategies for Semantic Classification in Information Ecologies
Sound Room
SoundRoom is a sound experience installation. Sound is piped from various locations around the site using air tubes. The tubes converge in the SoundRoom listening table. Visitors sitting around the table using special airphones participate in a sound ceremony.
SoundRoom Picture
Sound Weave
Sound Weave is a weaving of used audio tape cassettes. Using a modified loom, participants can weave used audio tape to form a tape-stry.
Sound Weave Picture
Swimming Across the Pacific
Exploring the use of swimming as a new paradigm for virtual environment navigation.
An aerial view of SAP virtual environment
The 2Hearts Project
Enhancing non-verbal communication through music and graphics
2hearts thumbnail
The Memory Collage
An explorature of the capturing and presentation of memorable events in the social environment.
Memory Collage
A package extension to the Tcl scripting language that enables a user to utilize OpenGL on Windows and Linux platforms.
Tooka: a Two Person Flute
Three two-person musical instruments are described. Tooka: a two person flute measures air pressure in a tube with buttons for two flautist to play together. Pushka and Pullka are conceptual instruments that use a common stick and a common string respectively for two players.
Tooka Picture
Universal Interface Controller
An interface for communicating sensor data between a interface controller and computer
Video Cubism
An interactive video visualisation technique useful for image analysis and generation of artwork that is aesthestically interesting in its own right.
video cube
Waking Dream
Waking Dream is a multimedia performance artwork that explores reality as the border between awake and dreaming. Infrared technology provides access to the dark, unconscious world of dreams.
Waking Dream Picture

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