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Cristian Grecu

Cristian Grecu

Ph.D. Candidate, system-on-chip research group

B.A.Sc. (T.U.I.), M.A.Sc. (UBC)

Tel: 604.822.2872
Fax: 604.822.9506
E-mail: grecuc(at)ece.ubc.ca
Office Location: Room 4025, 2356 Main Mall,
Vancouver, BC Canada V6T 1Z4 (Google map)


My research interests are in the area of systems-on-chip design and test, with a particular emphasis on testing and reliability issues of their data communication infrastructures.

Recent advances in semiconductor technology raise the challenge of designing complex chips containing billions of transistors. In this context, the reusability concept is an essential tool that helps coping with this issue, where large SoCs are built using pre-existing intellectual property (IP) cores.
Network-on-chip (NoC) interconnect infrastructures are emerging as the new paradigm that characterizes the on-chip data communication architectures of gigascale SoCs.

This new design methodology can be widely adopted if it is complemented by efficient test mechanisms. So far the NoC test methodologies are mainly concerned with the testing of the functional IP cores, using the communication infrastructure as a Test Access Mechanism (TAM).
My research complements this approach by developing the test strategy for the interconnect infrastructure. This test strategy minimizes the use of additional mechanisms for transporting test data to the NoC elements under test, while allowing reduction of test time through the use of parallel test paths and test data multicast.

Efficient test mechanisms may not be sufficient for guaranteeing good yield for large production volume MP-SoCs.  Fault tolerance must be an integral component when designing large, complex chips. I am looking at ways to integrate fault tolerance mechanisms at all levels in the MP-SoCs communication/application stack.

I am also interested and actively involved in development of benchmarks and benchmark circuits for networks on chip. This ongoing work takes place within the Network-on-chip Benchmarking Workgroup at OCP-IP (www.ocpip.org/wiki/university)




08-May-2007 Last reviewed 25-Feb-2007

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