Control of two industrial manipulators rigidly holding an egg

TitleControl of two industrial manipulators rigidly holding an egg
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1999
AuthorsZhu, W. - H., and J. De Schutter
JournalControl Systems Magazine, IEEE
Pagination24 -30
Date Publishedapr.
Keywordsadvanced control algorithms, constrained motion, delicate operations, force control, force feedback, free motion, general constrained robots, heavy-duty industrial robots, human-centered robotics, industrial manipulators, multi-robot systems, raw egg, smooth transition behavior, unified no-switching control law, unilateral constraints

Based on the framework of general constrained robots, a delicate experiment with control of two heavy-duty industrial robots rigidly holding a raw egg is reported. The system possesses smooth transition behavior from free motion to constrained motion when working with unilateral constraints, since a unified no-switching control law is used. This experiment indicates that the robots have the capability to perform very delicate operations with the aid of advanced control algorithms and force feedback. It also reveals potential applications to human-centered robotics


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