Direct surface extraction from 3D freehand ultrasound images

TitleDirect surface extraction from 3D freehand ultrasound images
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2002
AuthorsZhang, Y., R. Rohling, and D. K. Pai
Conference NameVisualization, 2002. VIS 2002. IEEE
Pagination45 -52
Date Publishednov.
Keywords3D freehand ultrasound images, approximating radial basis function, computational geometry, data samples, data visualisation, direct surface extraction, feature extraction, image sampling, iso-surfacing, medical image processing, radial basis function networks, semi-structured ultrasound pixel data, single function, ultrasonic imaging

This paper presents a new technique for the extraction of surfaces from 3D ultrasound data. Surface extraction from ultrasound data is challenging for a number of reasons including noise and artifacts in the images and nonuniform data sampling. A method is proposed to fit an approximating radial basis function to the group of data samples. An explicit surface is then obtained by iso-surfacing the function. In most previous 3D ultrasound research, a pre-processing step is taken to interpolate the data into a regular voxel array and a corresponding loss of resolution. We are the first to represent the set of semi-structured ultrasound pixel data as a single function. From this we are able to extract surfaces without first reconstructing the irregularly spaced pixels into a regular 3D voxel array.


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