Enhancing the performance of the LF-ASD brain-computer interface

TitleEnhancing the performance of the LF-ASD brain-computer interface
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2002
AuthorsYu, Z., S. G. Mason, and G. E. Birch
Conference Name[Engineering in Medicine and Biology, 2002. 24th Annual Conference and the Annual Fall Meeting of the Biomedical Engineering Society] EMBS/BMES Conference, 2002. Proceedings of the 2ndJoint
Pagination2443 - 2444 vol.3
Date Publishedoct.
Keywordsbioelectric potentials, biomechanics, brain activity, communication channels, computers, control signals, electroencephalographic data, electroencephalography, energy normalization, energy normalization transform, handicapped aids, idle EEG, LF-ASD brain-computer interface, low frequency asynchronous switch design, low frequency band, medical computing, medical signal processing, motor function loss, movement potential, neural prostheses, powered wheelchairs, system errors

Energy normalization has been proposed as a method to reduce system errors in the low frequency asynchronous switch design (LF-ASD) brain-computer interface. This paper presents an energy normalization transform that is shown to be linear in the low frequency band and can increase the separation between movement potential and idle EEG by 42% to 133%.


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