Connection admission control for PCS-to-Internet protocol internetworking

TitleConnection admission control for PCS-to-Internet protocol internetworking
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2001
AuthorsYu, F., and V. C. M. Leung
Conference NamePersonal, Indoor and Mobile Radio Communications, 2001 12th IEEE International Symposium on
PaginationB-70 -B-74 vol.1
Date Publishedsep.
Keywords3G wireless networks, connection admission control, endpoint measurement based admission control, Internet, M-EMAC, mobile computing, mobile EMAC, mobile radio, mobile wireless networks, PCS-to-Internet protocol internetworking, personal communication networks, protocols, QoS, quality of service, telecommunication congestion control, telecommunication traffic, third generation wireless networks

This paper studies the connection admission control for PCS-to-Internet protocol internetworking. In order to provide QoS to the Internet while avoiding the scalability problem, several recent papers proposed using an endpoint measurement-based admission control (EMAC) scheme, in which one end host sends probe packets and the other end host makes the admission decision based on the collected result. Although EMAC has many desirable features in wireline networks, we show in this paper that several distinct characteristics of mobile wireless networks make EMAC difficult to implement. On the other hand, third generation (3G) wireless networks will have their own connection admission control functions. We propose a mobile EMAC (M-EMAC) scheme for PCS-to-IP internetworking, and present simulation results to show that M-EMAC outperforms EMAC


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