Fuzzy logic auto-tuning applied on DC-DC converter

TitleFuzzy logic auto-tuning applied on DC-DC converter
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2004
AuthorsXiao, W., and W. G. Dunford
Conference NameIndustrial Electronics Society, 2004. IECon 2004. 30th Annual Conference of IEEE
Pagination2661 - 2666 Vol. 3
Date Publishednov.
Keywordsautotuning, DC-DC power convertors, fuzzy control, fuzzy logic, large-signal simulation model, load disturbance, nonlinear control, nonlinear control systems, PI control, PID controller, robust output voltage, switching convertors, switching mode DC-DC converter, three-term control, two-level control

In this paper, a fuzzy logic auto-tuning scheme is proposed to improve the dynamic performance of DC-DC converters by achieving a robust output voltage against load disturbances. The presented two-level control approach adopts the advantages of both fuzzy logic and classical PID controllers in handling with the system's non-linear characteristics. The method is general and simple enough to be applied to any DC-DC converter topology. This paper also presents a large-signal simulation model, which illustrates the effect of the nonlinear nature of switching mode DC-DC converters.


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