Ge semiconductor devices for cryogenic power electronics: Part III

TitleGe semiconductor devices for cryogenic power electronics: Part III
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2003
AuthorsWard, R. R., W. J. Dawson, L. Zhu, R. K. Kirschman, O. Mueller, R. L. Patterson, J. E. Dickman, and A. Hammoud
Conference NamePower Semiconductor Devices and ICs, 2003. Proceedings. ISPSD '03. 2003 IEEE 15th International Symposium on
Pagination321 - 324
Date Publishedapr.
Keywords10 A, 20 K, 20 to 250 C, 270 to 270 C, 4 K, 400 V, cryogenic electronics, cryogenic power electronics, cryogenic temperature, elemental semiconductors, Ge, Ge power diodes, Ge semiconductor devices, Ge transistor, germanium, insulated gate field effect transistors, low forward voltage, low reverse leakage, low-temperature environments, power electronics, power field effect transistors, power semiconductor diodes, Si, silicon

We have begun development of Ge power diodes and transistor for operation at cryogenic temperatures, down to sim; 20 K ( sim; -250 deg;C), for use in spacecraft that will encounter low-temperature environments. Ge devices have advantages over Si devices for such deep cryogenic operation. Our initial development has yielded 10-A diodes with low forward voltage and reverse leakage, and reverse breakdown up to sim; 400 V, as well as insulated-gate FETs, both operating down to sim; 4 K ( sim; minus; 270 deg;C).


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