Fast Image/Video Contrast Enhancement Based on WTHE

TitleFast Image/Video Contrast Enhancement Based on WTHE
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2006
AuthorsWang, Q., and R. Ward
Conference NameMultimedia Signal Processing, 2006 IEEE 8th Workshop on
Pagination338 -343
Date Publishedoct.
Keywordsimage enhancement, image-video contrast enhancement, probability, probability distribution function, video signal processing, weighted-thresholded histogram equalization, WTHE

We present a fast and effective method for image contrast enhancement based on weighted and thresholded histogram equalization (WTHE). In our proposed method, the probability distribution function of an image is modified by weighting and thresholding before the histogram equalization (HE) is performed. We show that such an approach provides a convenient and effective mechanism to control the enhancement process while being adaptive to various types of images. We also discuss applications of the proposed method in video enhancement


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