A CMOS potentiostat for amperometric chemical sensors

TitleA CMOS potentiostat for amperometric chemical sensors
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1987
AuthorsTurner, R. F. B., D. J. Harrison, and H. P. Baltes
JournalSolid-State Circuits, IEEE Journal of
Pagination473 - 478
Date Publishedjun.
Keywordsbiomedical measurement, chemical variables measurement, CMOS integrated circuits, electric sensing devices, Electrochemical analysis

A simple CMOS integrated potentiostatic control circuit is described. The circuit maintains a constant bias potential between the reference and working electrodes. Chemical concentration signals are converted amperometrically to an output voltage with a slope of approximately 60 mV/ mu;A. Redox currents from 0.1 to 3.5 mu;A can be measured with a maximum nonlinearity of plusmn;2% over this range. This design also provides the capability of performing differential measurements in order to null the effect of spurious background current. The total power consumption is less than 2 mW. Experimental results are reported showing the performance of the circuit as a chemical sensor control system.


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