Energy band structure of CuInS2 crystals

TitleEnergy band structure of CuInS2 crystals
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication1996
AuthorsSyrbu, N. N., V. E. Tazlavanu, and R. Cretu
Conference NameSemiconductor Conference, 1996., International
Pagination369 -371 vol.2
Date Publishedoct.
Keywordsband gap, band structure, CIS crystal, copper compounds, CuInS2, energy band structure, energy gap, exciton, excitons, indium compounds, reflectivity, ternary semiconductors, wavelength derivative reflection spectra

{In this work, the wave-length derivative reflection (WDR) spectra of CuInS2 (CIS) crystals have been investigated in the region of A, B and C series. The n=1


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