Applications of forward error coding in mobile communication systems

TitleApplications of forward error coding in mobile communication systems
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication1988
AuthorsShayan, Y. R., L. - N. Tho, V. K. Bhargava, and M. H. Khan
Conference NameWESCANEX 88: 'Digital Communications Conference Proceedings'
Pagination67 -71
Date Publishedmay.
Keywordsbursty errors, codes, cost, decoding, decoding speed, encoding, error control coding, error location calculation time, fast microprocessor-based decoding algorithm, flexibility, forward error coding, mobile communication systems, mobile radio systems, power consumption, reliability, size, statistical information, universal Reed-Solomon decoder structure

Applications of error control coding in mobile communications are considered. Statistical information required to choose a proper coding scheme to combat bursty errors is discussed. A consideration of implementation aspects such as cost, flexibility, reliability, size, and power consumption leads to a universal Reed-Solomon decoder structure suitable for mobile communications. A fast microprocessor-based decoding algorithm for high-rate Reed-Solomon codes is introduced to decrease the error location calculation time and hence increase the decoding speed


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