Fuzzy logic control of a teleoperated log loader machine

TitleFuzzy logic control of a teleoperated log loader machine
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication1998
AuthorsSepehri, N., and P. D. Lawrence
Conference NameIntelligent Robots and Systems, 1998. Proceedings., 1998 IEEE/RSJ International Conference on
Pagination1571 -1577 vol.3
Date Publishedoct.
Keywords3D joystick handle, Caterpillar 215B-based log loader, compensation, computer control system, forestry, fuzzy control, fuzzy logic control, hydraulic actuation, hydraulic actuators, hydraulic control equipment, interactive devices, joint-mode level control, membership functions, nonautomated unstructured environments, offset compensator, PD-type fuzzy controller, real-time hydraulic positioning control system, steady-state regulating errors, steady-state tracking errors, task coordinates, teleoperated log loader machine, telerobotics, two-term control

In nonautomated unstructured environments, a machine such as a hydraulic log loader has no model of either itself or the world, and the operator has to control it at a joint-mode level. The operator can be more productive by controlling the machine in task coordinates, whereby the implement direction and speed are first decided by the deflection of a 3D joystick handle. Then, the appropriate control signals to the hydraulic actuators are determined by a computer control system. In this article the application of fuzzy logic to the development of a real-time hydraulic positioning control system for such machines is demonstrated. The control requirements of hydraulic actuation are met by development of (i) a PD-type fuzzy controller with simple set of membership functions and specialized rules and, (ii) a novel offset compensator for removing the steady-state regulating and tracking errors. Experimental results, performed on a Caterpillar 215B-based log loader, are presented


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