Enhanced multiple-bit differential detection of DOQPSK

TitleEnhanced multiple-bit differential detection of DOQPSK
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2005
AuthorsSchober, R., I. Ho, and L. Lampe
JournalCommunications, IEEE Transactions on
Pagination1490 - 1497
Date Publishedsep.
KeywordsBER analysis, bit-error rate, bit-wise differential encoding, brute-force decoding, coherent detection, decoding, detection window size, differential detection, differential offset quadrature phase-shift keying, differential phase shift keying, DOQPSK, enhanced multiple-bit differential detection, error statistics, MBDD, quadrature phase shift keying

In this paper, we consider multiple-bit differential detection (MBDD) of differential offset quadrature phase-shift keying (DOQPSK) with conventional bit-wise differential encoding (DE). We propose two novel MBDD schemes that outperform Simon's MBDD and approach the performance of coherent detection (CD) as the observation window size N increases. The first scheme uses the full available detection window spanning N-1 bit intervals, and is referred to as F-MBDD. A careful bit-error rate (BER) analysis shows that a significant performance improvement can be realized by reducing the detection window size to N-3 bit intervals. The resulting improved MBDD (I-MBDD) of DOQPSK with bit-wise DE achieves a similar performance as Phoel's MBDD of DOQPSK with more complex symbol-wise DE. For both F-MBDD and I-MBDD, tight upper bounds and accurate BER approximations are derived. In addition, since the complexity per bit decision of brute-force decoding of MBDD of DOQPSK grows exponentially with N, we develop optimum and suboptimum fast decoding algorithms with complexities per bit decision of orders log(N+1) and N, respectively.


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