Noncoherent MMSE interference suppression for DS-CDMA

TitleNoncoherent MMSE interference suppression for DS-CDMA
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2001
AuthorsSchober, R., W. H. Gerstacker, and A. Lampe
Conference NameCommunications, 2001. ICC 2001. IEEE International Conference on
Pagination555 -559 vol.2
Keywordschannel phase variations, code division multiple access, decision-feedback differential detector, DF-DD, digital filters, DS-CDMA, interference suppression, least mean squares methods, loss, MMSE filter, NC-NLMS algorithm, noncoherent MMSE interference suppression performance, noncoherent normalized least-mean-square algorithm, observation window, receivers, reference symbol, robust noncoherent receiver, spread spectrum communication

In this paper, a novel robust noncoherent receiver for MMSE interference suppression for DS-CDMA is proposed. The receiver consists of an MMSE filter and a decision-feedback differential detector (DF-DD). The performance of the proposed scheme is investigated analytically and by computer simulations. It is shown that the loss compared to coherent MMSE interference suppression is limited and can be made arbitrarily small by increasing the observation window used for calculation of the reference symbol of the DF-DD. For adjustment of the MMSE filter coefficients a noncoherent normalized least-mean-square (NC-NLMS) algorithm is proposed which is robust against channel phase variations


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