Noncoherent LMS algorithm for noncoherent sequence estimation

TitleNoncoherent LMS algorithm for noncoherent sequence estimation
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2000
AuthorsSchober, R., and W. H. Gerstacker
Conference NameGlobal Telecommunications Conference, 2000. GLOBECOM '00. IEEE
Pagination1026 -1030 vol.2
Keywordsadaptive equalisers, adaptive estimation, cellular radio, channel estimation, convergence of numerical methods, convergence speed, differential phase shift keying, equalization, fading channels, Global System for Mobile Communication, GSM, intersymbol interference, least mean squares methods, M-ary differential phase-shift keying, MDPSK signals, NC-LMS algorithm, noncoherent adaptive algorithm, noncoherent adaptive channel estimation, noncoherent least-mean-square algorithm, noncoherent LMS algorithm, noncoherent sequence estimation, parameter estimation, sequential estimation, simulations, steady-state error, time-variant fading ISI channels, time-varying channels, zero frequency offset

A novel noncoherent adaptive algorithm for channel estimation is introduced. The proposed noncoherent least-mean-square (NC-LMS) algorithm can be combined easily with noncoherent sequence estimation (NSE) for M-ary differential phase-shift keying (MDPSK) signals transmitted over intersymbol interference (ISI) channels. For zero frequency offset the convergence speed and the steady-state error of the novel noncoherent adaptive algorithm are similar to those of a conventional (coherent) LMS algorithm. However, the conventional LMS algorithm diverges even for relatively small frequency offsets, whereas the proposed NC-LMS algorithm also converges for relatively large frequency offsets. Simulations confirm the good performance of NSE combined with noncoherent adaptive channel estimation in time-variant (fading) ISI channels


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