Decision-feedback differential detection of MDPSK for flat Rayleigh fading channels

TitleDecision-feedback differential detection of MDPSK for flat Rayleigh fading channels
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication1999
AuthorsSchober, R., W. H. Gerstacker, and J. B. Huber
Conference NameCommunication Theory Mini-Conference, 1999
Pagination135 -140
Date Publishedjun.
Keywordsadditive white Gaussian noise, AWGN channel, bandlimited communication, bandlimited fading, BER, bit error rate, cellular radio, circuit feedback, decision-feedback differential detection, DF-DD metric, differential detection, differential phase shift keying, digital cellular radio, digital radio, error floor, error statistics, error-free feedback, exact expression, feedback, filtering theory, flat Rayleigh fading channels, infinite order feedback filters, M-ary differential phase-shift keying, MDPSK signals, multiple-symbol detection metric, power spectrum, QDPSK constellation, quadrature phase shift keying, Rayleigh channels, simulation results

In this paper, decision-feedback differential detection (DF-DD) of M-ary differential phase-shift keying (MDPSK) signals, which has been introduced previously for the additive white Gaussian noise (AWGN) channel by Leib et al. (1988) and Edbauer (1992), is extended to flat Rayleigh fading channels. The DF-DD metric is derived from the multiple-symbol detection (MSD) metric and for error-free feedback an exact expression for the bit error rate for the widely used QDPSK constellation (M=4) is calculated. Furthermore, the dependence of the bit error rate on the power spectrum of the fading process is investigated for feedback filters of infinite order. It is shown that in this case, for ideally bandlimited fading processes the error floor of conventional differential detection (DD) can be remove entirely. Simulation results confirm that DF-DD with feedback filters of finite order can reduce the error floor of conventional DD significantly


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