Radio resource management in cellular digital packet data networks

TitleRadio resource management in cellular digital packet data networks
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1999
AuthorsSalkintzis, A. K.
JournalIEEE Personal Communications

In a cellular-digital packet data network, the RF channels that support the communication between mobile terminals and the fixed network are continuously changing in terms of availability and communications quality. The management layer that deals with this dynamically changing RF environment and aims at continuously providing the best possible RF channel between a mobile terminal and the fixed network is the radio resource management layer. This article presents a thorough examination of RRM in CDPD networks. In particular, it outlines the scope of RRM and it discusses in detail some essential RRM procedures, such as the quality evaluation of RF channels, the assessment ol neighbor ails, the acquisition of CDPD channels and the cell transfer procedure. Through this discussion, it Is also demonstrated how the RRM functionality is provided.

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