Multiple-Symbol Detection for Photon-Counting Free-Space Optical Communications

TitleMultiple-Symbol Detection for Photon-Counting Free-Space Optical Communications
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2007
AuthorsRiediger, M. L. B., R. Schober, and L. Lampe
Conference NamePersonal, Indoor and Mobile Radio Communications, 2007. PIMRC 2007. IEEE 18th International Symposium on
Pagination1 -5
Date Publishedsep.
Keywordsbit-wise implementation complexity, channel capacity, channel state information, coherent detection lower bound, decision-feedback receiver, fast search algorithm, free-space optics, line-of-sight wireless links, multiple-symbol detection, on-off keying, optical communication, optical links, optical receivers, photon-counting free-space optical communications, photon-counting signal model, search problems, signal detection, symbol-by-symbol noncoherent detection

Free-space optics (FSO) have received increased attention recently for last-mile, line-of-sight wireless links. In this paper, we employ a photon-counting signal model of an FSO system and investigate noncoherent detection, i.e. detection assuming the absence of channel state information at the receiver, of on-off keying (OOK). To partially recover the performance loss associated with symbol-by-symbol noncoherent detection, we consider the application of multiple-symbol detection (MSD), in which block-wise decisions are made using an observation window of N bit intervals. We develop a fast search algorithm for optimal MSD, which corresponds to a fixed bit-wise implementation complexity effectively independent of N. Furthermore, we obtain performance expressions for an ideal decision-feedback receiver, which serve as an upper bound to the performance of the MSD receiver. Analytical and simulation results indicate that the performance of the MSD receiver approaches the coherent detection lower bound with increasing N.


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