Weak scaling of thermal resistance in AlGaAs-GaAs heterojunction bipolar transistors

TitleWeak scaling of thermal resistance in AlGaAs-GaAs heterojunction bipolar transistors
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2000
AuthorsReid, A. R., T. C. Kleckner, M. K. Jackson, and P. J. Zampardi
Conference NameBipolar/BiCMOS Circuits and Technology Meeting, 2000. Proceedings of the 2000
Pagination130 -133
Keywords3D finite element modelling, AlGaAs-GaAs, AlGaAs-GaAs HBTs, AlGaAs-GaAs heterojunction bipolar transistors, aluminium compounds, emitter area, emitter geometry, emitter metallization, finite element analysis, finite heat-generating region thickness, gallium arsenide, heterojunction bipolar transistors, III-V semiconductors, peak temperature reduction, semiconductor device measurement, semiconductor device metallisation, semiconductor device models, thermal resistance, thermal resistance scaling

Measured thermal resistance in AlGaAs-GaAs HBTs varies weakly with emitter area and geometry. 3D finite element modelling shows that the origin is the finite thickness of the heat-generating region, and that emitter metallization can substantially reduce peak temperature


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