Robust subband image coding for wireless transmission

TitleRobust subband image coding for wireless transmission
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication1999
AuthorsRault, P., and F. Kossentini
Conference NameImage Processing, 1999. ICIP 99. Proceedings. 1999 International Conference on
Pagination374 -378 vol.3
Keywordschannel errors, compressed image transmission, compression performance levels, error resilience, error robustness, fault tolerance, image coding, image compression algorithms, JPEG-2000 standard verification model, lattice vector quantization, mobile radio, multimedia, multimedia communication, noisy channels, robust subband image coding, vector indexation, vector quantisation, visual communication, wavelet based coder, wavelet transforms, wireless networks, wireless transmission

Emerging wireless networks and multimedia developments are making compressed image transmission over noisy channels more widespread. However, most image compression algorithms have been developed without considering error robustness. While they are usually efficient in terms of compression, they are very sensitive to channel errors. In this paper, we propose a robust image compression algorithm based on lattice vector quantization where the dimension of the vector quantizer is matched to each processed subband in a wavelet based coder. The method also employs vector indexation in order to reduce or even eliminate the entropy coding stage, which is usually responsible for the poor performance of image coders in noisy environments. The proposed method yields compression performance levels similar to those achieved by the current JPEG-2000 standard verification model, but performs substantially better in terms of error resilience


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