A Digitally Controlled MEMS Gyroscope With Unconstrained Sigma-Delta Force-Feedback Architecture

TitleA Digitally Controlled MEMS Gyroscope With Unconstrained Sigma-Delta Force-Feedback Architecture
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2006
AuthorsRaman, J., E. Cretu, P. Rombouts, and L. Weyten
Conference NameMicro Electro Mechanical Systems, 2006. MEMS 2006 Istanbul. 19th IEEE International Conference on
Pagination710 -713

In this paper we describe the system architecture and prototype measurements of a MEMS gyroscope with a resolution of 0.055 #176;/s/ #8730;Hz. Two innovations are presented. The first is the complete migration of control and demodulation tasks to the digital domain. For this purpose, interfacing circuits based on #931; #916; techniques are introduced for both primary and secondary mode. The advantage is that complex analog electronics for tracking the resonant frequency, stabilizing the amplitude of the primary mode oscillation and phase-sensitive demodulation can be replaced by their digital counterpart. A second innovation relates to the #931; #916; force-feedback loop. In previously reported structures a compensation filter is introduced for stabilizing the loop [ 1 #8211; 3]. Unfortunately, the compensation filter introduces extra poles and influences the noise-shaping characteristic, which makes the loop difficult to design and optimize. We demonstrate the possibility of obtaining a stable #931; #916; force-feedback loop without an explicit compensation filter.


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