Non-ideal power control in DS-CDMA cellular

TitleNon-ideal power control in DS-CDMA cellular
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication1993
AuthorsPichna, R., Q. Wang, and V. K. Bhargava
Conference NameCommunications, Computers and Signal Processing, 1993., IEEE Pacific Rim Conference on
Pagination686 -689 vol.2
Date Publishedmay.
Keywordscapacity, cellular network, cellular radio, channel capacity, code division multiple access, DS-CDMA, nonlinear control systems, optimal control, optimum non-ideal power control system, power control, pseudonoise codes, radio networks, reverse links, soft-limiting power control, spread spectrum communication, telecommunication control

An exponential form of non-ideal power control in the reverse links of a CDMA (code division multiple access) cellular network is presented. It is shown that there exists an optimum non-ideal power control system which leads to an increased capacity of the cellular system. This kind of non-ideal power control might also be called soft-limiting power control


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