Development of microwave multilayer plastic-based multichip modules

TitleDevelopment of microwave multilayer plastic-based multichip modules
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2001
AuthorsPham, A. - V. H., A. Sutono, J. Laskar, V. Krishnamurthy, D. Lester, E. Balch, and J. Rose
JournalAdvanced Packaging, IEEE Transactions on
Pagination37 -40
Date Publishedfeb.
Keywords20 dB, 4 GHz, active microwave circuit, ball grid array, ball grid arrays, Cu, embedded copper wire, FR-4 board, integrated circuit interconnections, integrated circuit packaging, low noise amplifier, microwave multilayer plastic multichip module, MMIC, multichip modules, multilayers, packaging, parasitics, plastic packaging, power amplifier, return loss, surface mount technology, surface mount topology, switch, vertical feedthrough interconnect

We present the design and development of multilayer plastic-based multichip modules (MCM) at microwave frequencies. A vertical feed-through interconnect, which consists of embedded copper wires in plastic, has been developed to transport RF/microwave and dc signals from the first to the second packaging level. The development of this vertical feed-through enables plastic modules to be configured in a surface mount topology that can be interfaced with low cost FR-4 boards using ball grid arrays (BGA). The experimental analysis results demonstrate that this vertical feed-through used with BGAs has ultra-low parasitics and achieves a return loss of greater than 20-dB at 4-GHz. In addition, we demonstrate a number of packaged active microwave circuits including a switch, a low noise amplifier (LNA) and a power amplifier using the plastic module technology at microwave frequencies


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