Development of a millimeter wave system-on-a-package utilizing MCM integration

TitleDevelopment of a millimeter wave system-on-a-package utilizing MCM integration
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2000
AuthorsPham, A., J. Laskar, V. Krishnamurthy, D. Bates, W. Marcinkewicz, B. Schmanski, P. Piacente, and L. Sprinceanu
Conference NameElectrical Performance of Electronic Packaging, 2000, IEEE Conference on.
Pagination277 -280
Keywords0.5 dB, 60 GHz, direct integration, integral passive components, integral Ta2N thin-film resistors, integral Wilkinson power divider/combiner, integrated circuit interconnections, integrated circuit packaging, Kapton based multilayer flex interconnect, losses, MCM integration, measured insertion loss, millimeter wave system-on-a-package, MIMIC, MMICs, multichip modules, multilayer polyimide MCM technology, plastic packaging, power combiners, power combining subsystem integration, power dividers, system-on-a-package, Ta2N, thin film resistors, V-band, Wilkinson power divider/combiner circuit

We present the development of integral passive components in a multilayer polyimide MCM technology that is suitable for developing a millimeter wave system-on-a-package. For the first time, we demonstrate the direct integration of a Wilkinson power divider/combiner circuit onto a Kapton based multilayer flex interconnect using integral Ta2 N thin-film resistors. The integral Wilkinson power divider/combiner achieves a measured insertion loss of less than 0.5 dB at V-band (60 GHz). In this paper, we also present results on the integration of a power combining subsystem with MMICs to develop a system-on-a-package at 60 GHz


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