Development and Testing of a Drive System for Electric Vehicles

TitleDevelopment and Testing of a Drive System for Electric Vehicles
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2007
AuthorsParker-Allotey, N. - A., C. Y. Leong, R. McMahon, P. R. Palmer, A. T. Bryant, and W. G. Dunford
Conference NameIndustry Applications Conference, 2007. 42nd IAS Annual Meeting. Conference Record of the 2007 IEEE
Pagination1718 -1725
Date Publishedsep.
Keywordsdrive system testing, electric vehicles, fuel cell emulator, fuel cell vehicles, hardware scaling, machine testing, motor drives, power 50 W, power converter, power convertors, power electronics

Simulation of drive systems incorporating fuel cells and batteries is prone to difficulties associated with the long load cycles and the nature of their operation. In this paper we present a practical experimental strategy for investigating the performance of a range of vehicle systems. Hardware is scaled using control methods and power electronics allowing various setups to be tested in real time while requiring minimal changes to the hardware. A fuel cell emulator based on a real 50 W fuel cell system is developed and results are given for a typical system.


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