Experimental study of an observer-based shaft sensorless variable speed drive

TitleExperimental study of an observer-based shaft sensorless variable speed drive
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication1991
AuthorsNandam, P. K., G. F. Cummings, and W. G. Dunford
Conference NameIndustry Applications Society Annual Meeting, 1991., Conference Record of the 1991 IEEE
Pagination392 -396 vol.1
Date Publishedsep.
Keywordsclosed loop systems, closed-loop, convergence, design, machine control, machine testing, observers, position control, sensitivity, state estimation, variable speed drive, variable speed drives, velocity control

An experimental study of an observer-based closed-loop speed control scheme sensitivity to load torque disturbances, drive parameter variations, and observer pole location is analyzed theoretically and verified experimentally. These results demonstrate the observer-controller separation principle as well. The effect of observer design on estimation convergence from zero initial conditions is shown. The effectiveness of computing the position of the shaft from the observed speed is also tested by comparing the computed signal with the output of a shaft position sensor


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