Comparison of detectors for multiple-access interference mitigation in TH-IR UWB

TitleComparison of detectors for multiple-access interference mitigation in TH-IR UWB
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2008
AuthorsMitra, J., and L. Lampe
Conference NameUltra-Wideband, 2008. ICUWB 2008. IEEE International Conference on
Pagination153 -156
Date Publishedsep.
Keywordsinterference suppression, multi-access systems, multiple access interference mitigation, nonGaussian distribution, nonlinear detector, signal detection, TH-IR UWB, time-hopping impulse-radio ultra-wideband system, ultra wideband communication

Multiple access interference (MAI) in time-hopping impulse-radio ultra-wideband (TH IR-UWB) systems has been shown to have a non-Gaussian distribution. Hence the conventional linear matched filter receiver is no longer the optimal solution, and a number of non-linear detectors that are ldquorobustrdquo to non-Gaussian impairments have been proposed in the recent past. Most of these detectors depend on one or more parameters and are thus parametric detectors. In this paper, we compare the performance of those detectors and investigate the dependency of the performance on proper parameter adjustment.


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