Inter-task communication and synchronization in the hard real-time compact kernel HARETICK

TitleInter-task communication and synchronization in the hard real-time compact kernel HARETICK
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2008
AuthorsMicea, M. V., C. Certejan, V. Stangaciu, R. Cioarga, V. Cretu, and E. Petriu
Conference NameRobotic and Sensors Environments, 2008. ROSE 2008. International Workshop on
Pagination19 -24
Date Publishedoct.
Keywordsdigital signal processing chips, DSP, embedded platforms, intelligent sensor networks, intelligent sensors, intertask communication, real-time compact kernel HARETICK, real-time systems, synchronisation, synchronization techniques, telecommunication computing, wireless sensor networks

HARETICK is a hard real-time compact operating kernel designed specifically to support critical applications on DSP and embedded platforms including intelligent sensor networks and robotic environments. It provides operating support for both hard real-time and soft/non real-time tasks. The hard real-time task execution context is based on non-preemptive mechanisms. This paper focuses on the inter-task communication and synchronization techniques involving the two types of tasks previously mentioned. As a case study, a highly predictable synchronous serial communication (i.e., SPI) interface implemented on an ARM7-based HARETICK platform, is presented and discussed, along with some of the most interesting experimental results.


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