Leaky LMS: a detailed analysis

TitleLeaky LMS: a detailed analysis
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication1995
AuthorsMayyas, K. A., and T. Aboulnasr
Conference NameCircuits and Systems, 1995. ISCAS '95., 1995 IEEE International Symposium on
Pagination1255 -1258 vol.2
Date Publishedapr.
Keywordsadaptive signal processing, algorithm misadjustment, analytical treatment, coefficient vector second moment, convergence of numerical methods, error analysis, Gaussian input data, Gaussian processes, leaky LMS adaptive algorithm, least mean squares methods, mean-square error performance, MSE convergence, simulation, step size stability bounds

This paper presents a comprehensive analytical treatment of the mean-square error performance for the leaky LMS adaptive algorithm for Gaussian input data. Exact expressions that completely characterize the second moment of the coefficient vector and algorithm misadjustment are developed. Rigorous conditions for MSE convergence are also established. Analytical results are compared to simulation and are shown to agree well


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