Development of microwave/millimeter wave integral passives for multi-layer organic MCMs

TitleDevelopment of microwave/millimeter wave integral passives for multi-layer organic MCMs
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2000
AuthorsManohar, S., Z. Jin, A. Pham, V. Krishnamurthy, D. Bates, W. Marcinkewicz, B. Schmanski, R. Saia, and L. Sprinceanu
Conference NameMicrowave Symposium Digest., 2000 IEEE MTT-S International
Pagination1879 -1882 vol.3
Keywords0 to 50 GHz, 50 ohm, benzocyclobutene, equivalent circuits, high-density multi-layer organic based MCMs, Kapton, manufacturability, microwave integrated circuits, microwave/millimeter wave integral passives, millimetre wave integrated circuits, multichip modules, packaging density, return loss, Ta2N, thin film resistors, thin-film resistors

We present the design and development of the high-density multi-layer organic based MCMs at microwave/millimeter wave frequencies. Ta2N thin-film resistors have been developed and directly integrated onto Kapton and benzocyclobutene (BCB) flex that increases the packaging density and improves manufacturability. The experimental results demonstrate that the integral 50- Omega; termination on multi-layer Kapton/BCB flex achieves a return loss of less than 20-dB up to 50 GHz


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