New aggregate load models for different load data formats

TitleNew aggregate load models for different load data formats
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2003
AuthorsLouie, K. W., and J. R. Marti
Conference NameElectrical and Computer Engineering, 2003. IEEE CCECE 2003. Canadian Conference on
Pagination613 - 616 vol.1
Date Publishedmay.
Keywordsaggregate load models, aggregate network impedances, electric impedance, electric power systems, electrical loads, load (electric), load data formats, power system modeling, power system simulation, power system studies

Electrical loads have strong effects on an electric power system's behavior and modeling these devices accurately has become increasingly important. Aggregating the tremendous number of loads must be undertaken to simplify the overall system models in power system studies. Developing aggregate load models accommodating dissimilar load data formats can be essential and unavoidable in power system modeling. This paper presents several new aggregate load models that accurately represent both voltage and frequency dependency of loads. The models are capable of aggregating loads with different data formats. The paper also presents a novel method to naturally aggregate network impedances. The combination of the aggregate load and the network equivalent impedance represents the considered power system.


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