Modeling of a constant Voltage transformer

TitleModeling of a constant Voltage transformer
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2006
AuthorsLind, M. G. J., W. Xiao, and W. G. Dunford
JournalCircuits and Systems I: Regular Paper s, IEEE Transactions on
Pagination409 - 418
Date Publishedfeb.
Keywordsconstant voltage transformer, continuously nonlinear magnetizing inductances, equivalent electrical circuit, ferroresonant circuits, ferroresonant transformer, hysteresis loops, leakage inductances, machine windings, nonlinear model, potential transformers, single-valued nonlinear functions, tapped windings, uninterruptible power supplies, winding resistances

This paper presents a comprehensive nonlinear model of the controlled constant voltage transformer also known as the ferroresonant transformer. Saturation is a normal mode of operation for this device. This paper derives an equivalent electrical circuit that relates to the physical structure of a typical design. The level of detail includes winding resistances, continuously nonlinear magnetizing inductances, tapped windings, and leakage inductances. The paper describes methods to extract the winding resistances, leakage inductances, and hysteresis loops of the transformer and how to fit the latter into single-valued nonlinear functions. The paper compares computer simulation results of the model with those obtained analytically and experimentally. The results show that the derived circuit will be very useful for designers of the ferroresonant transformer, which is used in uninterruptible power supplies.


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