Analysis of a circuit exhibiting ferroresonance

TitleAnalysis of a circuit exhibiting ferroresonance
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2006
AuthorsLind, M. G. J., G. A. Dumont, and W. G. Dunford
Conference NameCircuits and Systems, 2006. ISCAS 2006. Proceedings. 2006 IEEE International Symposium on
Pagination4 pp.
Keywordscircuit analysis, corner frequency, ferroresonance, low-pass circuit, low-pass device, low-pass filters, network analysis, nonlinear magnetization curves, nonlinear phenomenon, RLC circuits, RLC filter

This study investigates a low-pass circuit featuring saturation. The describing function method is used to linearize the model. One commonly encountered low-pass device is the RLC filter, which is frequently used in power electronic applications to smooth the wave forms of the circuit variables. However, in case the values of the variables pertaining to the inductance exceed those of the rated, the corner frequency of the filter may change drastically. This is due to the nonlinear phenomenon ferroresonance. A systematic procedure for the analysis is presented that with reasonable accuracy accommodates most inductors represented by nonlinear magnetization curves. The results of the study show the importance of considering saturation in the design process of the aforementioned filter and how the bandwidth of the same is influenced by the circuit parameters


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