Implementation of the CDA procedure in the EMTP

TitleImplementation of the CDA procedure in the EMTP
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1990
AuthorsLin, J., and J. R. Marti
JournalPower Systems, IEEE Transactions on
Pagination394 -402
Date Publishedmay.
KeywordsCDA, critical damping adjustment, damping, DCG/EPRI, electromagnetic fields, electromagnetic transients program, EMTP, frequency-dependent transmission lines, linear elements, nonlinear reactors, numerical oscillations, power systems, synchronous machines, transients, transients simulations

The application of the critical damping adjustment (CDA) technique to some of the main equipment models in the DCG/EPRI version of EMTP is presented. The CDA procedure eliminates the numerical oscillations that can occur in transients simulations that use the trapezoidal rule of integration. The details of this implementation for linear elements, nonlinear reactors, frequency-dependent transmission lines, and synchronous machines are described. Simulation results involving these components are presented, showing the effectiveness of the procedure


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