Management of transponder resources in mobile satellite systems

TitleManagement of transponder resources in mobile satellite systems
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1990
AuthorsLeung, V. C. M.
JournalAerospace and Electronic Systems, IEEE Transactions on
Pagination273 -281
Date Publishedmar.
Keywordsbandwidth, Canadian MSAT network, demand assignment, L-band spectrum, land mobile satellite, microwave links, microwave telecommunication, mobile radio systems, mobile satellite, Mobile-WARC-87, multi-access systems, packet multiple access protocols, power, resource management, resource sharing, satellite relay systems, spot-beam antennas, three-level hierarchical approach, transponder resources, transponders

Allocation of L-band spectrum for land mobile satellite (MSAT) services in Mobile-WARC-87 paves the way for the introduction of such services in the early 1990s. An overview of the proposed network architecture of the Canadian MSAT network is presented. Management of transponder resources, i.e. power, bandwidth, and spot-beam antennas, which poses a set of unique and significant problems in the design and operation of MSAT networks, is addressed. The three-level hierarchical approach used by the Canadian network is described, and the technical requirements for solving the above problems are identified. The two upper levels employ reconfigurable fixed assignment for allocating transponders to antenna spot beams, and transponder power and bandwidth to different services. The lowest level employs demand assignment and packet multiple access protocols for resource sharing among different subscribers. Uncoupling the resource management problems into manageable portions reduces the complexity and enhances the robustness of the network


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