A novel iterative multiuser detector for complex modulation schemes

TitleA novel iterative multiuser detector for complex modulation schemes
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2002
AuthorsLampe, A., R. Schober, W. Gerstacker, and J. Huber
JournalSelected Areas in Communications, IEEE Journal on
Pagination339 -350
Date Publishedfeb.
Keywordscode division multiple access, complex modulation schemes, direct sequence code division multiple access, filtering theory, interference suppression, iterated soft decision interference cancellation, iterative methods, iterative multiuser detector, least mean squares methods, mean-square error minimization, minimum mean-squared error filter, modulation, MSE minimization, multiuser channels, multiuser interference suppression filters, radio receivers, radiofrequency interference, receiver, rotationally invariant multiuser interference, signal detection, spread spectrum communication

A novel multiuser detector for direct sequence code division multiple access is proposed. The receiver performs iterated soft decision interference cancellation (ISDIC) based on multiuser interference suppression filters designed for minimization of the mean-square error. Assuming a complex modulation format, we show that the multiuser interference becomes rotationally variant in the course of the iterations. Regarding this rotational variance in the design of the multiuser interference suppression filter, the presented iterative multiuser detector achieves significant performance gains compared with conventional ISDIC employing a standard minimum mean-squared error filter which is optimum only for rotationally invariant multiuser interference


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