Force measurements on a scaled mechanical model of dragonfly in forward flight

TitleForce measurements on a scaled mechanical model of dragonfly in forward flight
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2005
AuthorsLai, W., J. Yan, M. Motamed, and S. Green
Conference NameAdvanced Robotics, 2005. ICAR '05. Proceedings., 12th International Conference on
Pagination595 -600
Date Publishedjul.
Keywordsaerodynamics, aerospace control, biomechanics, dynamically scaled flapping-wing model, force measurement, force measurements, forward flight, insect-scale flapping wings, scaled mechanical dragonfly model, zoology

A dynamically scaled flapping-wing model has been developed to investigate the aerodynamic phenomena and flight performance of insect-scale flapping wings. The mechanism consists of two wings, each having 3 rotational degrees of freedom, mounted on a linear stage to permit translation in a fluid-filled tank. Each wing is equipped with a sensor for instantaneous measurement of the time-varying forces and torques. The setup permits one wing to be designated as the fore wing and the other as the hind wing so that interactions between them can be analysed to understand flight for four-winged insects. The apparatus is versatile enough to explore a range of wing morphologies as well as operational wing trajectory parameters


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