Effects of polarisation on solar-blind AlGaN UV photodiodes

TitleEffects of polarisation on solar-blind AlGaN UV photodiodes
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2000
AuthorsKuek, J. J., D. L. Pulfrey, B. D. Nener, J. M. Dell, G. Parish, and U. K. Mishra
Conference NameOptoelectronic and Microelectronic Materials and Devices, 2000. COMMAD 2000. Proceedings Conference on
Pagination459 - 462
Keywordsaluminium compounds, finite element analysis, finite element model, gallium compounds, GaN-Al0.33Ga0.67N-GaN, III-V semiconductors, incomplete dopant ionisation, interface charge, p-GaN/i-Al0.33Ga0.67N/n-GaN photodiode, p-i-n photodiodes, semiconductor device models, solar blindness, spectral responsivity, spontaneous polarisation, strain induced polarisation, ultraviolet detectors, UV photodetector, wide band gap semiconductors

The effects of spontaneous and strain induced polarisation, and incomplete dopant ionisation on the spectral responsivity of a Ga-faced p-GaN/i-Al0.33Ga0.67N/n-GaN photodiode structure are determined using a commercial finite element modelling package. It is shown that polarisation induced interface charges increase the barrier to carriers generated in the GaN regions of the diode, improving the solar-blindness of the diode by more than three orders of magnitude. In contrast, incomplete dopant ionisation has only a minor effect.


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