Comparison of PIn and NIp AlGaN UV photodiodes for solar-blind performance

TitleComparison of PIn and NIp AlGaN UV photodiodes for solar-blind performance
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2000
AuthorsKuek, J. J., D. L. Pulfrey, B. D. Nener, and J. M. Dell
Conference NameSemiconducting and Insulating Materials Conference, 2000. SIMC-XI. International
Pagination333 -336
Keywords300 nm, Al0.33Ga0.67N additional layer, Al0.33Ga0.67N-GaN, aluminium compounds, band offset, band structure, gallium compounds, heterointerface barrier enhancement, III-V semiconductors, interface states, n-i-Al0.33Ga0.67N/p-GaN, NIp photodiode structure, p-i-Al0.33Ga0.6/7Nn-GaN, p-i-n photodiodes, PIn photodiode structure, semiconductor device models, semiconductor heterojunctions, signal rejection, solar-blind performance, ultraviolet detectors, UV photodiodes, UV solar-blind detectors

In this paper, n-i-Al0.33Ga0.67N/p-GaN (NIp) photodiode structures are examined as an alternative to p-i-Al0.33 Ga0.6/7Nn-GaN (PIn) structures for improved signal rejection for wavelengths longer than 300 nm in UV solar-blind detectors. The effect of incorporating an additional Al0.33Ga 0.67N layer for barrier enhancement at the heterointerface of NIp photodiodes is also evaluated. It is shown that even with the inclusion of a barrier enhancement layer, PIn structures are better suited for solar blind detection given the limitation in the growth of doped thick Al0.33Ga0.67N layers


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