Theoretical Investigation of Metal Cladding for Nanowire and Cylindrical Micropost Lasers

TitleTheoretical Investigation of Metal Cladding for Nanowire and Cylindrical Micropost Lasers
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2008
AuthorsKrishnamurthy, V., and B. Klein
JournalQuantum Electronics, IEEE Journal of
Pagination67 -74
Date Publishedjan.
Keywordsair-metal surface, claddings, core-metal surface guided modes, cylindrical micropost lasers, cylindrical subwavelength metal-clad nanowire, hybrid surface guided modes, laser cavity resonators, micro-optics, nanotechnology, nanowires, optical losses, optical waveguide theory, Semiconductor lasers, surface plasmon resonance, transverse modal properties, unclad cavity, waveguide analysis, waveguide lasers

We investigate the transverse modal properties of cylindrical subwavelength metal-clad nanowire and micropost lasers via rigorous theoretical waveguide analysis, including the effects of finite thickness metal cladding and gain in the core. The results of this analysis show that air-metal surface guided TM01 and some hybrid surface guided modes suffer less loss but are less confined to the core, while core-metal surface guided modes are better confined to the core but suffer greater loss. An increase in the thickness of the metal cladding reduces the loss of the core-metal surface guided modes. The modal gain and confinement of the metal-clad cavity are compared to an unclad cavity.


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