Towards an ultra-high density interconnect (UHDI) technology

TitleTowards an ultra-high density interconnect (UHDI) technology
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication1997
AuthorsKrishnamurthy, V., J. Rose, R. Saia, and K. Durocher
Conference NameDigital Avionics Systems Conference, 1997. 16th DASC., AIAA/IEEE
Pagination2.3 -8-12 vol.1
Date Publishedoct.
Keywords1.2 mm, 2D MCM, 3D MCM, abroad array, adhesion, elemental semiconductors, feed throughs, four layer 3D mechanical stack, integrated circuit packaging, interconnect layer, multichip modules, next generation digital architectures, plastic based MCM, plastic substrate, polymer films, Si, Si density, silicon, stack thickness, ultra-high densities, ultra-high density interconnect technology, ultrathin 3-D stack, z-axis conductive adhesive film

We present a plastic based 3-D MCM technology with a path for achieving ultra-high densities with abroad array of applications. This path has been chosen as a means for realizing novel next generation digital architectures. The 3D MCM is composed of layers of a plastic based MCM interconnected together with a z-axis conductive adhesive film. Each 2D MCM is fabricated with feed throughs which provide a connection from the top to the back side of the MCM. In this paper, we will demonstrate this new technology with a four layer 3D mechanical stack with a stack thickness of 1.2 mm and a Si density of 58 mm3 /IC. We will also presented a path towards forming an ultra-thin 3D stack by reducing the thickness of the plastic substrate and the interconnect layer


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