Audio coding using variable-depth multistage quantization

TitleAudio coding using variable-depth multistage quantization
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1998
AuthorsKossentini, F., M. Macon, and M. J. T. Smith
JournalSpeech and Audio Processing, IEEE Transactions on
Pagination186 -189
Date Publishedmar.
Keywords48 kHz, algorithm, audio coding, audio reproduction quality, audio signals, entropy codes, high-quality coding, perceptual transform, signal sampling, transform coding, variable-depth multistage quantization

An algorithm for high-quality coding of 48 kHz sampled audio signals is presented. The algorithm employs a perceptual transform and a variable-depth multistage quantizer. The resulting audio reproduction quality is better than that of the Motion Pictures Expert Group (MPEG) layer I coder and roughly equivalent to that of the MPEG layer II coder


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