An intelligent controller for a remote wind-diesel power system - design and dynamic performance analysis

TitleAn intelligent controller for a remote wind-diesel power system - design and dynamic performance analysis
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2003
AuthorsKo, H. S., T. Niimura, and K. Y. Lee
Conference NamePower Engineering Society General Meeting, 2003, IEEE
Pagination2152 Vol. 4
Date Publishedjul.
Keywordsasynchronous generators, closed-loop performance, combined cycle power stations, diesel driven generators, diesel-electric power stations, dynamic performance analysis, excitation system, frequency control, induction generator, integrated nonlinear controller, intelligent control, intelligent controller, inverse dynamic neural controller, inverse dynamic neural model, minimum variance control, neural network, neurocontrollers, nonlinear control systems, optimal energy, power quality, power supply quality, remote wind-diesel power system, robustness, stability, steady state, transient performance, voltage control, wind turbines

This paper presents an intelligent controller based on a neural network for a wind-diesel power system equipped with a stall regulated wind turbine run an induction generator. The goal for the wind-diesel power system is to design an intelligent controller to maintain a good power quality under varying wind and load conditions. On the other hand, the controller has to show acceptable closed-loop performance including stability, robustness, optimal energy, steady state, and transient performance at a permissible level of control effort. Moreover, such a controller has to be highly adaptive to various operating conditions and independent of model parameters that can be uncertain. This paper presents an inverse dynamic neural controller, which consists of an inverse dynamic neural model and generalized minimum variance control. This proposed controller is applied to design an integrated nonlinear controller to provide control input from excitation system and governor system at the same time.


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