Cross-layer throughput analysis for optical code labeled GMPLS networks

TitleCross-layer throughput analysis for optical code labeled GMPLS networks
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2005
AuthorsKhattab, T., and H. Alnuweiri
Conference NameBroadband Networks, 2005. BroadNets 2005. 2nd International Conference on
Pagination323 - 326 Vol. 1
Date Publishedoct.
Keywordsbit error rate, code division multiple access, cross-layer throughput analysis, error statistics, generalized multiprotocol label switching, GMPLS network traffic, labeling mechanism, multiprotocol label switching, optical CDMA, optical fibre networks, physical layer BER, resource allocation, resource utilization, telecommunication traffic

The use of optical CDMA as a labeling mechanism in generalized multi-protocol label switching (GMPLS) optical networks significantly increases the traffic isolation capabilities. These networks, referred to as optical code labeled GMPLS (OC-GMPLS), have higher resource utilization due to the finer flow granularity introduced into the network. In this paper we present a cross-layer mathematical model for the throughput of OC-GMPLS networks, which provides a quantitative measure for the performance of optical networks throughput taking into consideration the effect of the physical layer. The proposed mathematical model incorporates the physical layer effects on the network layer performance by expressing the throughput as a function of the physical layer bit error rate, as well as the network traffic parameters such as the number of users and the packet length. Using the developed analytical model we were able to demonstrate the significant enhancement in the network performance due to the use of OC-GMPLS. We also used our analytical model to derive several optimum network operating points, which are of great importance to network designers and researchers.


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