VHDL-AMS modeling and simulation of a passive pixel sensor in a-Si:H technology for medical imaging

TitleVHDL-AMS modeling and simulation of a passive pixel sensor in a-Si:H technology for medical imaging
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2001
AuthorsKarim, K. S., P. Servati, N. Mohan, A. Nathan, and J. A. Rowlands
Conference NameCircuits and Systems, 2001. ISCAS 2001. The 2001 IEEE International Symposium on
Pagination479 -482 vol. 5
Keywordsa-Si:H technology, a-Si:H TFT, amorphous semiconductors, biomedical imaging, circuit simulation, elemental semiconductors, equivalent circuits, hardware description languages, hydrogen, image sensors, input charge, integrated circuit modelling, integration capacitor size, large area digital imaging, leakage regime, medical imaging, output rise time, passive pixel sensor, pixel capacitance, pixel readout time, pixel size, semiconductor device models, sensor output linearity, Si:H, silicon, thin film transistors, VHDL-AMS modeling, VHDL-AMS simulation

A VHDL-AMS model of a passive pixel sensor (PPS) for large area digital imaging is presented based on a highly accurate model for the leakage regime of an a-Si:H TFT. We consider, as examples, various diagnostic medical imaging modalities, whose requirements are translated into PPS circuit parameters such as pixel capacitance and input charge. Selected simulation results are presented which illustrate sensor output linearity, pixel readout time as well as the effect of pixel and integration capacitor sizes on output rise time. The flexibility and speed of the presented VHDL-AMS models can expedite accurate simulations for the design of large area digital imaging PPS arrays


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