A Schrodinger-Poisson solver for modeling carbon nanotube FETs

TitleA Schrodinger-Poisson solver for modeling carbon nanotube FETs
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2004
AuthorsJohn, D. L., L. C. Castro, P. J. S. Pereira, and D. L. Pulfrey
Secondary AuthorsLaudon, M., and B. Romanowicz
JournalNSTI Nano Tech 2004, Vol3, Technical Proceedings

We present details of a coupled Schrodinger-Poisson solver for modeling quantum transport effects in carbon nanotube field-effect transistors. The Poisson solution is effected using a two-dimensional finite difference algorithm in a coaxial structure with azimuthal symmetry. The Schrodinger solution is implemented by the scattering matrix method, and the resultant, spatially unbounded wavefunctions, defined on the nanotube surface, are normalized to the flux computed by the Landauer formula. The solver illustrates the need for detailed modeling of the nanotube due to the impact of interference effects and evanescent modes on the carrier profiles. Non-equilibrium carrier distributions are presented for particular cases.

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