Voltage-induced optical waveguide modulator in lithium niobate

TitleVoltage-induced optical waveguide modulator in lithium niobate
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1989
AuthorsJaeger, N. A. F., and L. Young
JournalQuantum Electronics, IEEE Journal of
Pagination720 -728
Date Publishedapr.
Keywords2 to 6 micron, 442 nm, 633 nm, coplanar electrodes, coupling efficiency, electro-optical devices, electrooptic substrate, LiNbO3, lithium compounds, optical buffer layer, optical confinement, optical field, optical field distributions, optical modulation, optical waveguide, optical waveguide components, optical waveguides, substrates, voltage-induced optical waveguide modulator

A type of optical modulator first proposed by D.J. Channin (1971) in which an optical waveguide is induced in an electrooptic substrate by applying voltage between two parallel coplanar electrodes is reinvestigated. It is found that such devices will work for voltages much smaller than those used by Channin. The devices are fabricated with much smaller gaps between the electrodes and have an optical buffer layer to isolate the optical field from the electrodes. The theory of operation is developed and the device is modeled mathematically. The theory predicts that the optical field distributions of the modes of these devices become more highly confined with increasing voltage


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