A packet discard scheme for loss control in IP networks with MPEG video traffic

TitleA packet discard scheme for loss control in IP networks with MPEG video traffic
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2002
AuthorsIto, M. R., and Y. Bai
Conference NameCommunication Systems, 2002. ICCS 2002. The 8th International Conference on
Pagination497 - 503 vol.1
Date Publishednov.
Keywordscode standards, compressed video, computer networks, data compression, frame-level packet discard with dynamic thresholds, Internet, IP networks, loss probability, loss ratio, maximum loss tolerance, MPEG video traffic, multimedia communication, network efficiency, packet discard scheme, packet loss control, packet loss reduction, packet switching, perceived video quality distortion, telecommunication standards, telecommunication traffic, transport protocols, video characteristics, video coding, video quality, video transmission, visual communication

An important issue for video transmission over IP networks is preservation of perceived video quality despite packet loss. Packet loss can be detrimental to compressed video. However, reducing packet loss to a very low level is difficult with current loss control techniques. Furthermore, even a very low objective loss probability can still seriously distort perceived video quality. This paper proposes a loss control scheme using video characteristics. It increases maximum loss tolerance for a desired level of video quality, providing better quality at equal loss ratios, as compared to a conventional packet discard scheme. Meanwhile, network efficiency is also improved.


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